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Buddhist Monks who were on hunger protest for the release of Sarath Fonseka was removed
[ Tuesday, 06 April 2010, 01:58.41 AM GMT +05:30 ]
National Bhikku Front Buddhist monks who were on a hunger protest in front of the Colombo Fort Railway station demanding the release of former Military Commander General Sarath Fonseka, was forcibly removed by the police today afternoon.

Large quantity of police officers arrived to the location, but those who had attired in civil clothes took the monks in a van was stated. The hunger protest which commenced last Friday turned out to be starvation unto death from yesterday for which the Buddhist monks had decided is according to sources. The temporary sheds used by the monks for their protest too had been removed by the police.

The Court queried who had forcibly removed the Buddhist monks who were on a hunger protest demanding the release of General Sarath Fonseka. Colombo District Court ordered the police division to submit a report about who had arrested the Buddhist Bhikkus who were on a hunger protest near the Colombo Railway station and on which law they were arrested. A report consisting with such details should be submitted to the courts by the police was the order given by the Colombo District court.

An Attorney who had filed a petition in support of the Buddhist Bhikkus had mentioned the freedom people acquired through political constitution is impounded by police division by illegally functioning. According to sources some armed men had forcibility taken the Buddhist Bhikkus to another place. The police division had informed in courts, that some Buddhist Bhiikus caused inconvenience to the public by staging a hunger protest near the Colombo Railway station.

Gotabaya attacked the private media institution: Ranjan Ramanayake
[ Monday, 25 May 2015, 03:36.55 PM ]
The Deputy Minister of Social Services and Livestock Ranjan Ramanayake today announced former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa attacked and burnt the private media institution. [More]
Mahalingam Sivakumar not a Swiss national : Swiss embassy
[ Monday, 25 May 2015, 03:17.37 PM ]
Swiss embassy in Colombo announced Mahalingam Sivakumar alias Swiss Kumar is not Swiss nation. [More]
UK visa applicant from Jaffna nabbed
[ Monday, 25 May 2015, 12:59.05 PM ]
A 30-year old man from the Jaffna area was arrested for using deception in his UK visit visa application, the British High Commission in Colombo said today. [More]
I own more rights in the SLFP : Chandrika
[ Monday, 25 May 2015, 12:23.07 PM ]
Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga says comparing with others she owns more rights in the SriLanka Freedom Party. [More]
Temples are best place to speak on nation : Mahinda Rajapaksa
[ Monday, 25 May 2015, 08:00.27 AM ]
Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says Temples are the best place to speak about this nation. [More]
Charge sheet filed against Lalith Weerathunga
[ Monday, 25 May 2015, 06:37.21 AM ]
Charge sheet filed against former presidential secretariat Lalith Weerathunga over Rs.620 million financial allegations, Attorney General Department sources said. [More]
Charge sheet filed against all corrupters in the High Court
[ Monday, 25 May 2015, 06:23.51 AM ]
Financial Crime Investigation Division officials decided to file charge sheet in the High Court against former ministers and other civil servants accused over financial corruption activities. [More]
TNA suspects hidden hand in Jaffna violence
[ Monday, 25 May 2015, 06:02.22 AM ]
The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today raised suspicion of a hidden hand in the violence which erupted in Jaffna last week. [More]
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Wigneswaran urges SL State to respect international principle on resettlement
[ Monday, 23 March 2015, 04:45.51 PM ] []
“Unless Grama Sevaka Divisions 244 and 252 are released in full as promised earlier, what has been gingerly granted today would hardly be of any use to the few families now selected to enter their erstwhile denied lands,” Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran said in his address at Vazhalaay during the visit by SL President, Prime Minister and former President Chandrika Kumaratunga. [More]