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India calls off with Sri Lanka
[ Monday, 18 March 2013, 07:27.11 PM GMT +05:30 ]
Amidst severe attack by Tamil parties over engagement with Sri Lanka, the government has called off the Annual Defence Dialogue with that country scheduled to be held on March 25.

No reason was given for cancellation of the Secretary-level talks which were to be held in New Delhi.

“The Annual Defence Dialogue with Sri Lanka has been called off,” a source said, adding new dates have not been decided yet. During the talks, the two sides were to discuss ways to strengthen defence ties and finalise future military exercises.

The decision has come at a time when Tamil Nadu parties are up in arms over India’s engagement with Sri Lanka. Tamil parties, including key UPA ally DMK, has been criticising the government for holding training for Sri Lankan forces, which has subsequently been shifted from South to North India.

However, India has also maintained that it will not cease military ties with Sri Lanka and continue to provide training to its personnel in Indian military academies and institutions.

India had shifted the exercise between Special Forces of the two countries from Belgaum in Karnataka to Nahan in Himachal Pradesh.

Likewise, it had also instructed the Navy to hold war games with the Lankan Navy away from the waters of four South Indian States.

In the recent days, DMK has accused the government of being soft on alleged atrocities by Sri Lankan forces against ethnic Tamils and even threatened to withdraw support if India does not support a resolution against Sri Lanka at the U.N. Human Rights Council.

SriLanka faces terror risk - IEP
[ Tuesday, 18 November 2014, 12:11.31 PM ]
According to a global survey conducted by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), stated that at least thirteen countries are facing a greater risk of substantial terrorist activity, including Sri Lanka. [More]
Mano hold separate discussions with Ranil and Karu
[ Monday, 17 November 2014, 01:50.08 PM ]
The leader of the Democratic People’s Front Mano Ganesan hold separate discussions with opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe at his office and UNP leadership council leader Karu Jayasuriya at his residence today. [More]
Karu - Chandrika to contest as common opposition candidates
[ Monday, 17 November 2014, 01:45.44 PM ]
Steps are been taken to nominate the names of Karu Jayasuriya and former president Chandrika Kumarathunga common opposition presidential candidates. [More]
Sobitha thero is ill - UNP leader refused to sign
[ Monday, 17 November 2014, 09:20.21 AM ]
The signing of the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between opposition political parties and other groups and individuals has been postponed as the Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha is still in hospital. [More]
Ranil gets 48-hours?
[ Monday, 17 November 2014, 09:12.29 AM ]
Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has been given 48 hours to finalise a candidate for the Presidential election. [More]
Government to withdraw minister's security
[ Monday, 17 November 2014, 06:21.48 AM ]
Government decided to withdraw security of ministers. [More]
We have to defeat Mahinda's regime: Kumar Gunaratnem
[ Monday, 17 November 2014, 05:17.03 AM ] []
Leader of the Front Line Socialist Party Kumar Gunaratnem called upon to abolish executive presidency from SriLanka. [More]
Best places for women? SL ranks 79th among 144 countries
[ Sunday, 16 November 2014, 07:37.36 AM ]
The world economic Forum’s (WEF’s) Gender Gap Report 2014 has ranked Sri Lanka in 79th place among 144 countries for the best places to be a woman, while India and Nepal ranked 114 and 112 respectively. [More]
Channel-4 journalist Callum Macrae speaks to Lankasri FM
[ Tuesday, 31 December 2013, 02:18.19 AM ] []
Channel- 4 Film maker Callum Macrae responds to questions raised by the Lankasri FM political analyst team. [More]