International relief efforts hampered by Sri Lanka, by deporting British and other foreign aid workers. The Times quotes;
[ Thursday, 04 June 2009, 05:23.07 AM GMT +05:30 ]
“The Times” quoted a news item publishing, Sri Lanka is in the process of hampering international relief efforts by deporting the British and other foreign aid workers to leave the country, as it feels they consider sympathetic towards the defeated Tamil Tigers.
According to aid organization, donors have contributed tens of thousands of pounds of money to the displaced people and they struggle to assist the 280,000 Tamil civilians in internment camps.

The Government deported the Norwegian head of Forut, an Oslo-based NGO, on Saturday, and stopped a British employee of Forut from re-entering Sri Lanka last month, citing new rules that prevent them from staying in Sri Lanka for more than three years.

Two foreigners working for Care International, including a Briton, were forced to leave last month because their visas were not extended, the Times quoted.

Aid workers forced to leave Sri Lanka under strict new visa rules and in this category a British working for the Norwegian Refugee Council, an Ethiopian working for the Save the Children Fund, and three foreign members of staff for ASB, a German NGO, have been forced to leave the country, was according to the Times.

The British head of Solidar, a consortium of NGOs, was ordered to leave within seven days in December even though he had four children at school in Sri Lanka. He managed to negotiate a short extension.

The programme manager of Zoa Refugee Care, a Dutch NGO, was expelled from Sri Lanka in September and there are problems gaining visa extensions for five of the NGO’s foreign staff.

Among those who are likely to be forced to leave in the next few months are the country heads of Oxfam and the Danish Refugee Council was stated. One aid workers stated by September or October, 60 to 70 per cent of NGO heads will have leave the country.

On Sri Lanka, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is working with the Government of Sri Lanka and humanitarian agencies to provide urgently needed aid to hundreds of thousands of people who fled the former conflict zone in the last several months.
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